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The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a group of young professionals and community leaders who raise funds to support innovative research programs at Northwestern Memorial. Our current initiative supports a pivotal project in the area of cardiogenic shock at Northwestern Medicine.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our membership application for the 2017-18 Board Year: Membership Application

Please return the completed application by July 28 to our membership chair, Scott McIntosh, Please contact Scott if you have any questions on the application or the process.

Before completing the application, please carefully read the Board’s membership agreement, which provides standards and obligations that must be upheld and met by all members. You do not have to sign and return this document. View the Membership Agreement.

The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial
Hospital for 2016-2017:

Executive Committee Board Members
Valentina Vulcu
PresidentElizabeth Lubbers
Executive Vice PresidentRachel Sass

Ken McKee

Jessica Perez
Vice President, Philanthropy

Meg Chrisman
Vice President, Summer Lovin’

Scott McIntosh
Vice President, Membership

Scott Kennedy
Vice President, Nominating

Kyle Brown
Vice President, Program Selection

Louise Arnott
Vice President, Marketing &
Public Relations

Eric Uebelhor
Vice President, Procurement Chair

Mary Pircon
Vice President, New Members

Jessica Armburst
Vice President, Silent Auction &
Ashley Allen

Jessica Armbrust

Anusha Balaji

Kevin Coffey

Ford Culver

Jack Danilkowicz

Allie Duncan

Kyler Ferguson

Jessica Fricke

Marcy Fridman

Jared Fruland

Greg Fuhrmeister

Doug Golan

Elana Harris

Ashley Hayes

Benjamin Herman

Kayla Hogan

Gina Kaczanowski

Brian Levy

Meredith Maienza

Michelle McCloskey

Megan Ogorzalek

Jarvie Peyser

Melissa Power

Patrick Reinke

Andrew Sfreddo

Nicole Sugiyama

Patrick Teets

Nick Theisinger

Joan Vor Broker

Gil Villavicencio


Legacy membership is a new initiative for The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital that is meant to maintain a strong relationship with past members that committed three years to the Board (or two, with one being on the Executive Committee). We are thrilled to have their support as we continue to build the footprint of The Auxiliary Board.

Legacy Members:

Ryan Aprill
Dan Huml
Rick Goddard
Ed Egawa
Jamie Teets
Nella DiSanto
Amanda Crivlare
Stephanie Linder
Kelsey Scheive